General Counsel
José M. Padilla is an attorney who is passionate about being an agent for change in healthcare. He has been a reliable and responsive legal advisor to companies in a wide range of medical settings, from hospitals to nursing homes to pharmacies, and more. With his experience, José uses his grasp of the big picture to make the minutiae of U.S. healthcare regulations navigable to his clients. Previously, he had worked as the general counsel for a fast-growing healthcare system with a hospital, freestanding emergency rooms and urgent care clinics, and a pharmaceutical healthcare software company, as well as an in-house attorney for the largest nursing home company in the U.S. with over 44,000 employees. In each company, he was known for immediately grasping company strategy and for negotiating well in the tough circumstances often found in U.S. healthcare companies. José graduated with honors from Harvard University with an A.B. in Government and obtained his law degree from the University of Pennsylvania.